Plans for further development of the OML 26 fields are currently progressing with oil production expected to more than triple in the next 3-5 years. Furthermore, development of the significant gas resources will lead to a gas production throughput of up to 200MMscf/d into the domestic gas grid, while also providing an opportunity to monetize associated gas. Key highlights of the proposed development are summarized below: 

  • Drilling of development, appraisal and exploration to mature discovered resources into production, while hi-grading the exploration/appraisal portfolio.
  • Development of non-associated gas and gathering of associated gas, consisting of upstream (wells, flowlines, compression) and midstream (gas plant and export pipeline) components.
  • Replacement of 10-inch Ogini-Eriemu oil export pipeline.
  • Phased upgrade and installation of new oil processing trains to convert Ogini flowstation to 3-phase separation and increase capacity to 90,000 bbls/d.
  • Phased expansion of gas-lift compression capacity to 40 MMscf/d for adequate gas lifting and associated gas export.
  • Installation of new storage tanks.
  • Implementation of produced water management consisting of separation, treatment and in-field disposal.
  • Installation of Alternative Crude Evacuation infrastructure, to provide a sustainable backup for the TFP.

Fundamental to the success of the above activities and long-term sustainability of operations is the implementation of a jointly agreed, mutually beneficial community development wherein communities will benefit from social and infrastructural investments as well as potential participation as contractors in FDP execution activities, while in return providing a safe operating environment and Freedom to Operate (FtO).