First Hydrocarbon Nigeria primarily focuses on Incident and Injury free operation, aimed at ensuring zero injuries or negative health impact on her staff, contractors and public in all her activities and areas of control.
She also aims at ensuring that the environment within which she operates is not negatively affected by her operation, prevent its deterioration and promote positive enhancement. This also extends to the Social Impact on host communities within her operations.

Health and Safety:
At FHN, our people (staff and Contractors) are our invaluable to us, we are committed to preventing injuries, ill health and to protecting our workforce by proactively minimising all risks associated with our operations. We are constantly improving the performance of our Occupational Health & Safety management systems through regular evaluation as well as developing and testing our framework for prompt response to all emergencies to ensure hazards and risks are minimized as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Environment & Regulatory Compliance:
FHN is committed to inclusive improvisations of its environmental management system for all stakeholders, with an underlying pledge to preservation and protection of its environment in its area of operations. Excellence throughout its activities is premised upon adhering to international & local legislation and regulatory limits.