Stewardship in our care for the assets and resources we control is central to our business operations. Human capital development, economic empowerment and capacity building are the pillars which hold together the projects and initiatives we support across our host communities and across the country. With a transformative agenda, we completely separate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from Community Relations, as the latter brings us closer to host communities through open communication with them and help provide direct solution-response to some of identified problems.

As part of our strategic approach to project development alongside community representatives. Our approach ensures that the communities are involved in the process of project identification & development through the completion of a ‘needs assessment’ carried out by both the community and the Company. These assessments evolve into community development plans that provide a 3 to 5-year road map for the projects, which are closely monitored and audited by external consultants. This strategy fosters a better Community-Company relationship, promotes unity and collaboration through community engagement activities serving as an enabler for rapid development of these communities through direct investment in them.

It is believed that the rapid development of these communities will improve their economic and entrepreneurial capacity. It will also facilitate employability of its indigenes and involvement in the Company’s operation and Nigeria at large as partners in progress.